Nashcon 2012: Friday recap

Nashcon 2012 was scheduled for June and sometime right before Christmas it got rescheduled for the first weekend in February, resulting in a lot of people not being able to go.  The date change disappointed me since I didn’t have those extra months to save up money and knew I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things that I wanted.  I really wasn’t as excited about it as I had been past cons, which is kinda funny considering this was the best con EVER!  In the couple of weeks leading up to the con I began to get a bit more excited even as I wondered if this might be the last con I will be able to attend.  If this was my last con……what a way to go!

Friday morning Thena (goddessathena79) picked me up and we made the trek to Opryland.  Once we got there we found we had an incredible view from our hotel room.

We also had some other pretty incredible views as there was some kind of cattle industry convention going on and there were cowboys everywhere!  I came to the conclusion (after hours of research) that all cowboys have cute butts, regardless of what they look like.  I thought it had something to do with sitting on horses a lot but everyone has assured me it’s the pants.  Whatever it is, I say:  Well done!

We hung out in the room waiting for Meredith (SPN_Hunter_67) to get off from work. Once she got there we went to Stax to get something to eat, knowing that it might be our last good meal for awhile.  We were getting ready to go on the con diet… time to eat and in Nashcon’s case, Stairmaster multiple times per day.

While we were eating, Sherrie (Sherrie_1870) and Teresa (teresa4828) arrived.  We went down to the Cascades Lobby to meet up with them.   We saw Rob Benedict arrive and greet Richard Speight, Jr. with a hug…..awwwww.  After much squeeing and swag swapping, we decided to check on registration.

Last year’s lines were long but it didn’t really matter since it was in the summer and no new episode was on.  But this year there was a new episode and no way was I missing it.  So, we sat for quite awhile, waiting for registration to open, meeting new people, signing the PCA congratulations card for the boys and talking random silly stuff.   While going through registration I told Gary (from Creation) I hated it they weren’t coming back to Opryland.  He said they hated it to but they didn’t make those kind of decisions.  Hmmm….I didn’t press him for information but I thought it was a strange comment since Gary and Adam are the ones who started Creation.

After registration we had just enough time to get back to our room and watch the new episode!  Yay!  It’s always fun to watch with other fans.  I liked the episode but had to rewatch when I got home because I was a little distracted by Nashcon tweets and such. 🙂

After the show it was time to get ready for karaoke!  A friend had already tweeted me and told me an Impala was in the ballroom.  I knew that someone was bringing an Impala because they had posted the video on SSA but I didn’t know it was going to be IN the hotel.  When we went downstairs for karaoke, there it was!  I was dying!  I love that car so much and this replica was AWESOME!  The people who own it actually live about 30 minutes from me but I didn’t even know them until this weekend!  How crazy is that??

Karaoke only seems to get crazier each time and this one was no exception.  It started off fairly normal…well, at least what passes for normal at a Supernatural convention….but then Matt Cohen started selling the shirts off his back and Richard is such an enabler.  If I understood correctly, Richard and Matt’s part of the proceeds for these shirts are going to charity, which is why Matt said he had no problem taking his shirt off multiple times…..uh, huh.  Sure.  😛  He did keep saying to us that he’s really not that kind of guy so I’m wondering if it was bothering him just a bit.  He was still a good sport about it.

Gabe cracked me up at karaoke because about 75% of the time he seemed to be in his own little world singing along to whatever song was being played.  I got some great pics of his facial expressions.

Kim looked really cute in her outfit.  She wore go-go boots because it was supposed to be a 60’s theme and Richard & Matt changed to football at the last minute.   There were still a few people (like us) who stayed with the 60’s theme.

Sebastian, mocking me for taking his picture. 

Everyone thinks Richard is singing YMCA here but he was actually shading his eyes from the light and talking to some of his high school buddies who were out in the audience.

And just so everyone knows, Matt also looks nice when he’s wearing a shirt.  He has a great smile!

Toward the end of the night, Meredith and I actually got tired of standing so we went and sat in front of the Impala so we could admire it some more.  It wasn’t too long after that when karaoke ended.  We kept waiting for them to turn the lights up so we could get better pics of the car but they didn’t and we finally had to leave since they were locking the room.  We made our way back to the room, uploaded pics for awhile and then crashed somewhere in the AM. 

What a bunch of hippie wannabes.  LOL

I met my Twitter friend, Cakey, after having the karaoke pic taken but am so sad we didn’t pause long enough to get a pic that night because I didn’t get one of us all weekend. 😦

Also, at the photo op I gave Matt & Richard some small footballs on which I had written 2012 Nashcon:  Super Natural Bowl.  Matt immediately spiked his.  🙂

Karaoke video links:

Brian Buckley singing Highway to Hell:

Rob Benedict singing My Sharona:

Sebastian singing Let’s Dance:

Link to my pics from Friday & Saturday on FB:

Saturday recap:


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4 Responses to Nashcon 2012: Friday recap

  1. Tree says:

    Afraid of flying? Really? I didnt know that!!! Great post hun! I think if I ever do go to another con- the karaoke night is just the place to BE! It sounds like you had a blast and the cowboys being in town was a BONUS!!!!

    • Why do you think I took a train to Vancouver? 🙂 The con was awesome and yes, the cowboys were an extra added bonus! I tweeted something about the cowboys being a bonus for Nashcon and Creation retweeted it! That cracked me up!

  2. Abifrey says:

    The other con was called The Cattlemen’s Convention. I only know because I had actually gone to a job interview at Gaylord that Friday morning and we were discussing some of the conventions Gaylord hosted (Supernatural included, to which my interviewers all laughed because I blushed and grinned). Sadly, I did not get the job…but I did have fun Saturday (it was all I could afford, lol).

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