Nashcon 2012: Saturday recap

Saturday morning didn’t start too early for us since we didn’t have any of the meet and greets.  The first panel was Rob, Kim and Gabe at 11:10 so we were able to sleep in a bit…….which was good since karaoke night was over around…..well, I don’t remember when it was over….and I was sober!  Let’s just say it was sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

I was very excited for the panel with Rob, Kim and Gabe since I had never met any of them.  Someone asked Gabe about his first screen kiss and he said he’d never had one.  Kim immediately molested him on stage and then proceeded to do the same to Rob, afterwards declaring, I love these conventions!  The only bad thing about the panel was the mircophone Rob was using was messed up and we couldn’t understand a lot of what he was saying.  Gabe said if these three characters were ever in a scene together they would go on a road trip in Andy’s van.  Gabe remembered the details of the van quite clearly and I was impressed since it’s been quite awhile since they filmed that episode. 

Kim was asked about the sexual tension between her and Jared and she said the script was quite clear that there should be no sexual tension between them because they weren’t going that route so Kim said any sexual tension that we saw was coming from her because Jared was so hot.  When she started talking about Bobby and her scenes with Jim Beaver she teared up (as did the rest of us).   She also showed us her awesome tattoo and when Gabe asked how far it goes, she said, To the cracks!

The next panel was Richard and Matt.  These two should really take their act on the road…..oh, wait, I guess they already have with the Dick and Matt karaoke experience.  It’s amazing that they’ve never actually worked together onscreen but they’ve formed this awesome friendship just by attending the cons.  Sound familiar to anyone? 🙂

Both said they would welcome the opportunity to work together.  Somehow Matt was once again persuaded to sell the shirt off his back to the older lady sitting right behind me!  Yep, I had a great view!

Richard said he respected us too much to take his shirt off because nobody deserved to see that but he did demonstrate his favorite dance moves for us and I got this great shot!

Misha ended up crashing their panel and when Richard asked if he had any special con events planned he said he was taking a tour of the city’s sewer system.  Matt ended up removing another shirt and said to Misha:  I know you’re proud of the puppet I have become!   Richard said their Q&A had turned into T&A.  After the strip show….er….panel was over it was time for a couple of photo ops.

Rob was absolutely lovely.  Said it was his first trip to Tennessee.

While doing their single photo ops Richard tweeted and told everyone getting an op with Matt to grab his butt.  So when I went in for the double op I asked Richard if we could still grab Matt’s butt and he’s like, Sure!  Matt was like, What??  I said, No, I wouldn’t do that.  And Richard said, Well, okay, with this expression that said, your loss!  Matt was still saying, What??  LOL  I asked if I could have a double hug and Richard said, Sure.  He grabbed me and smushed me up against Matt and said, We practice these at home all the time.  I had no idea what their faces looked like until I got the pic but I love it!

Then it was time for Sebastian’s panel and really, unless you’ve seen the man in action, words just can’t do him justice.  He is INSANE and almost everything out of his mouth has some kind of sexual innuendo to it…..which makes it really hard to even attempt some kind of recap of his panel.  I’m sure most of you have seen all the youtube videos by now which is why I never recap whole panels.  My con recap is more for my personal memories.  I did find Sebastian’s imitation of Southern accents pretty hilarious…..and accurate.  🙂

After Sebastian’s panel it was time for Misha.  We were watching a video in between panels and the curtains come down.   Leave it to Misha to make a grand entrance.  When the curtains were raised he just stood there basking in the applause, wearing a very self-satisifed smirk.  He knows he has this fandom wrapped around his finger and we know that we’ve let him wrap us around his finger but he’s just SO awesome!

Misha decided to give an AMOK shirt to the person who asked the best question.  Sebastian modeled the shirt and then proceeded to molest the shirt as he removed it.  The first thing Misha wanted to do was show us a video of West so he took his phone to the camera and played the video so we could all see it.  West is such a cutie and Misha is such a proud daddy… if we didn’t love the guy enough already.

Misha had the script for 7.17….yeah, spoiler alert…..come on, don’t act like you didn’t know he was coming back!  He did say that Cas wouldn’t have his trenchcoat on for every scene.  He ended up giving the binder and one page from the front of script to a girl who had asked a question.  Lucky girl!

There was one point where Misha said he was obviously going to be president one day and you know, I could totally see that happening.  Or at least I could see him running.  Talk about the craziest campaign ever!  Unfortunately for SPN fans, we wouldn’t get to vote more than once for that but I do wonder…….

After Misha’s panel it was time for more photo ops.  Meredith got her trio op before me and told them she wanted a foursome.  It was pretty hilarious so I told them I hate to copy but I wanted the same thing and I said I wanted to hug Kim anyway and she was like, Aw, and opened her arms for a big old hug.  She’s so awesome! 

A little bit after that it was time for mine and Meredith’s shared op with Sebastian and Misha.  I told them we wanted a squishy hug and Sebastian said, Squishy hug?  and laughed.  It was funny the way he said it in his accent.  Again, I had no idea what their faces looked like but the photo is awesome!

After this it was time for autographs from all of today’s guests.   Earlier in the week I had made buttons for Meredith and me that said, Gabe’s Bodyguard and one for Sherrie that said, The Reason Gabe Needs a Bodyguard.  We had been tweeting Gabe and his wife, Kat, about it.  Both are really great sports.  While going through line I showed my button to Gabe and he’s like, Oh, yeah, let me get a pic.  I’ve got to show my wife.  I really thought he was only taking a pic of the button but then he said something about getting me in it too and I thought, Oh, crap.  He ended up tweeting the pics later.  He got one of Meredith as she came through line too.

You see why we’re such good bodyguards, right?  We’re both crossroad demons.  LOL

I talked to Kim about the cool necklace she was wearing.  She has now let us know via Twitter that it was from Savannah Hoffman designs on Facebook.  We also talked about Jim Beaver and how she cried when she found out Bobby was going to die.  We talked about how good they were together.  Richard and Matt signed the photo op I took with them earlier in the day and laughed.  Richard said, Well, you wanted a big hug…….Yes, yes, I did!  I had Misha sign the Gishwhes road sign that I had made.  He told me it looked pretty good.  He said that we might know by Monday (and obviously we didn’t) if we had broken the world’s record but he said they were very thorough so he didn’t really think we’d find out yet.  He said he had to send Guiness a 120 page packet about the scavenger hunt.  I told him it was fun and thanked him for doing it. I had Sebastian sign my photo op from VanCon and he’s like, Oh, there’s my fave watch that I’ve broke since then.  He had on another and I said, You got another one and he said, This one was my fave!  I said, Oh, I’m sorry I reminded you of your loss and he laughed and said, Oh, it’s okay and then thanked me.  I love how they all thank the fans.  It’s so awesome.

Afterwards we headed back to the room so Thena could get ready for the costume contest.  We noticed Sebastian heading the same way so we were trying to take pics of him.  He noticed us and said, “They’re stalking me” and then he turned around and waved at us.  Thena got her cool Raphael costume on and went on to line up for the contest and Meredith and I let the time get away from us and totally missed it….the one thing that got started on time all weekend, of course!

I went to see Brian Buckley before going to the cocktail party.  He is such an amazing artist.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone play guitar the way he does.  He’s also very funny and so sweet when he talks about his wife.  I can see why him and Jared are such good friends.

The cocktail party was the best one I have attended.  There were loads of people who made centerpieces and the celebrities took turns trying to sell us on the best centerpiece.  Our table had a centerpiece made by my friend, Sherrie, and how appropriate that Gabe was the one assigned to our table, since he’s her fave.  I thought her centerpiece was pretty epic.

After the winner of the centerpiece was announced we had the whole speed dating thing and by then I was pretty tired.  Meredith and I got to where we were counting how many were left to come to our table because we just wanted to go to bed.  Matt accused us of giving him the cold stare.  When he went around our table for hugs, I told him we were just really tired and he said he just likes to give us a hard time.  We had on our bodyguard buttons and Misha wanted to know why Gabe needed bodyguards and we pointed to Sherrie. Trust me, it’s self explanatory.  😛  Rob thought it was great how everyone had their faves but he wanted to be someone’s fave so I think Thena and someone else at the table have now laid claim to Rob.  After everyone had hit our table we left.  On the way back to the room we stopped by to see if any of our photo ops were out but they weren’t.  When we were coming back down the stairs we ran into Sebastian again.  I said, I swear we’re not stalking you.  He laughed and asked where we were going.  I said, 5329 and he said, What’s that?  I said, Our room.  He laughed and said, Oh, you are naughty girls!  Honestly, I would never give my room number to a guy if I thought he’d take me up on it.  I was just messing with Sebastian.  If he had shown up at my door, he’d probably have found me and my Dr. Pepper very boring.  LOL

Once back to the room we didn’t stay up long because everything was deliriously funny, no matter what it was.  There was some comment about the shadow of my hand looking like a donkey…..what???  Yeah, we needed some sleep!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, Matt said if his table won for the centerpiece contest he would take his shirt off and guess what?  It won.  🙂 

Brian Buckley singing Home:

Brian Buckley singing Shipwrecked:

Cocktail party (not my video) Thanks to whoever taped this:

Link to my pics from Friday & Saturday on FB:

Link for Friday recap:

Link for Sunday recap:


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