Nashcon 2012: Sunday recap

Sunday morning started way too early but we managed to get down to breakfast on time but guess what?  J2 was late as always. 🙂  I don’t know how they managed to drag themselves in at all.  Jared said later in the autograph line that he’d had about three hours of sleep and he didn’t think Jensen had any.  Poor tired boys but they were as lovely as always, inside and out.

Jensen had on a leather jacket *dies* and it wasn’t long before Jared had his beanie hat on.  They thanked us for the PCA awards and then they were presented with a congratulations card from the Nashcon SPN family.

Someone asked what it was like to have Misha back on set and Jensen said it was refreshing.  Jared said they had missed him as much as we had.  Jensen went on to say he wanted some kind of reunion show where they brought everyone back and proceeded to name off all of our favorite characters who are no longer with us.  Jensen said he asked the other day when the Impala was going to be back and they said soon.  He told them they’d better not be messing with him.  He did say they had spent a big chunk of money on the car to really bring her up to speed.  I think Jensen might love that car as much as Dean. 🙂

After the breakfast it was time to wait in line for photos.  Because of the date change I was only able to afford one photo op with the boys and it was the duo.  I really wanted to get a hug from Jensen.  I’d never had the courage to ask him for one.  I’m not easily intimidated by many people but Jensen is one person that I am a bit intimidated by.  I don’t know why.  He’s perfectly lovely but I guess it’s the fact that he’s a bit more reserved or maybe it’s just the fact that I love him so much….more on that later. So, when it came time for my op with the boys I told them that this might be my last con and Jensen said, Don’t say that.  I told them I didn’t want it to be but right now I just couldn’t see a way to go to anymore at least not anytime soon.  I told him I’d never asked him for a hug and I was wondering if I could have one for my photo op.  He says, “No problem!” and pulls me against him. *dies*  So, Jared is just kinda standing there.  I said, You can hug us too.  And he said, No, I’m gonna act jealous.  I had no idea what he was doing but I didn’t care.  I love both those boys so much but after this photo op I can’t lie to myself anymore.  I love Jensen more.  Or maybe it’s Dean because I do love him and identify with him.  I don’t know.  All I know is I didn’t care what Jared was doing because I was in the arms of Jensen Ackles!  And it wasn’t over quickly like most photo ops are because I had time to appreciate how soft and warm his sweater was.  After the picture was taken Jensen said, I hope I see you again and I said, I hope so too and I thanked them both. 

I met up with my friends outside the photo room and at first I was like: OMG! and then when I started tweeting about it I got all teary and someone from SSA came over to introduce themselves and I said:  I’m sorry.  I’m just a little emotional right now.  Go ahead….laugh.  If you don’t watch Supernatural you certainly won’t get it and even if you do you might think I’m silly but you have no idea what this show means to me….well, you might if you know me even a little bit but you won’t be the ones laughing at me. 🙂

We started back downstairs for the panels and we were talking about who knows what and I said, I can die a happy woman because I have been held by Jensen Ackles!  Immediately after I said that, I stumbled and almost fell down the stairs!  Be careful what you say!  But seriously, I would have died with a big, fat, stupid grin on my face!

Rob Benedict had a solo panel and luckily the microphone was better this time….for awhile.  He was really excited that Louden Swain’s song, Worlds Collide, was on  Friday’s episode of Supernatural.  I bought the new CD at the con and it’s really good.  Rob said he’d like to jam with Rick Springfield after singing a few lines of Jesse’s Girl.  Rob also said he thinks it was Kripke’s intention for Chuck to be God as a symbol of the show’s creator stepping away, job done, his Swan Song.  Jensen ended up crashing Rob’s panel and gave him a big hug.  Rob said: Isn’t he dreamy?  He said he kept hearing someone yelling for Free Bird at his concert in LA and it was Jensen.  Rob’s microphone stops working and they can’t find one that works and Rob says he’s having a real life Chuck moment.  It was so cute.

After Rob’s panel was Jared and Jensen.  I think my favorite story they told was when Jared geeked out over meeting Mike McCready from Pearl Jam and when Jensen saw Sofia Vergara while he was out with Danneel and she was shoe shopping.   Danneel gave him the okay to follow her.  LOL  I think it’s cute that they can still get star struck.  Jared said Death’s Door was the first script he ever read and cried.  Jensen said he doesn’t cry, he’s dead inside.  Later when he mentioned Dean crying, Jared said, Wait, what?  And Jensen said, It was Dean!  Both boys said Death’s Door was their fave episode of SPN because it was so well done.

They talked about sex scenes and how all these random people seem to show up on set the day people are taking their clothes off but both boys make everyone leave unless they have a job to do.  They both said they want the actress to be as comfortable as possible.  Jensen said for the scene that was in Friday’s episode, when Sara dropped her skirt and walked across the room, he had a robe waiting for her and she walked right into it and covered up.  Awwww.

Before they left they thanked everyone again for the PCA’s, for keeping them employed and for coming to the cons.  ❤

In the autograph line I thanked Jensen for the hug during the photo op and he smiled and said, No problem.  I told him to give Danneel our love from Tennessee and he said he would.  I love how both boy’s faces light up when you mention their wives.  Just one of the many things that make them both so adorable.  I made up for giving Jared the cold shoulder during photo ops by talking to him more in the autograph line.  I asked him how Gen was doing and he said she was fine.  I told him we had a contest on FB to guess the birthdate and weight of the baby and I told him I was hoping for March 15 since that’s my birthday.  He smiled and said that was in the ballpark.  YAY!  I gave him an anniversary card for him and Gen and he seemed geniunely thankful.  I had both boys autograph the hunter’s first aid kit that my daughter made me for Christmas.  Both boys thought it was cool but Jared had to open it, of course!

After we ate a quick meal at Fuse, there was one more panel for the day and how appropriate that Richard would host the last panel at the last con in his hometown.  He ended up being joined by Rob and Brian and thus Brian Swain was born. LOL  The last panel was a lot of silliness with discussion of porno names and Richard called Rob Matt and Rob acted as though he was going to take his shirt off.  The audience joined them in singing a bit of BSB, I Want it That Way.

I Want it that Way:

We got pics in the Impala afterwards.  I was so terrified of scratching the car but sitting in it was almost as good as getting a hug from Jensen.  Seriously, I love that car. 

I love this one of Meredith because if you squint, you can pretend that’s Dean sitting next to her!

Afterwards we went upstairs to finish picking up our photo ops and to buy JPEG’s.  I talked to Chris a bit and told him I didn’t know when or if I’d get to go to another con and I talked about how I had took a train to VanCon because I’m afraid to fly and how I’ve done so many things since becoming part of this fandom that I never thought I’d ever do.  He gave me a hug when I left.

Now this part may seem totally silly to some or possibly all of you but this is one of my best memories of the con.  We were all sitting around outside the rooms where all the meet and greets, etc. go on and we were being silly and oohing and ahhing over pictures and taking even sillier pictures.  

 This is one of my faves where we were all cheesin’ for the camera.

And as we were starting to leave someone (who shall remain my nameless hero) called to us and said they wanted to show us something.  And they let us into the room where the boys had hung out while they were waiting between meet & greets, etc.  Nameless hero said:  Go nuts!  And we did.  Talk about being silly.  Yes, we were and we may or may not now have a few items that J2 possibly had their lips on. 🙂  When I think of Nashcon and the memories I made there, these are some of the best…….

If this was my last con……yeah…..what a way to go.

Links to my pics from Sunday on FB:

Friday recap:

Saturday recap:


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