Ramble On To Kansas: It’s Time to Ramble On! Day 1-Lawrence or Bust!

Back when the date for the 2012 Nashville Supernatural convention changed from June to February lots of people were upset, including me. Because of the date change I was scrambling to come up with enough money just to go but the change ending up being pretty great. Not only was Nashcon 2012 the best con I’d ever attended, sometime in those early months of 2012, Meredith, Thena and I decided we would take a Supernatural themed road trip to Lawrence, KS. We planned it for the second weekend in June (which was the original date of the Nashville convention) but things happened and we had to change the date to the first weekend. All along the countdown (which I religiously did every day) we still wondered if the trip would ever happen. We made plans anyway, determined to go in spite of whatever obstacles kept coming up and finally on June 1, we set out from my house in Tennessee at around six in the morning, with Dean’s favorite song blaring (Ramble On, in case you had any doubt). We were going to Kansas!!

We’d planned to be in St. Louis around lunchtime and spend some time at the Arch. Everyone I’d talked to said it was a must see if we were going that way. I’d did some online research and found a café where we could eat lunch and have great views of the Arch. I have no idea where that café is since we never found it but we still had some great views and found a place to eat! When we first got within sight of the Arch we were excited, taking lots of pics but then we got stuck in traffic…..the Arch was so close, yet so far and our bellies were growling for food……pretty soon we were more excited by the sight of a hot dog stand down by the river! After getting a bite to eat and taking some pics at the Arch, we were ready to ramble on to Kansas!

We went to Missouri and we learned the truth………

  Zombies are everywhere………

So is Dick Roman………..

……and the Arch is magnificent! 

When we saw our first Lawrence sign on the interstate I think we all went a little nuts. I was driving at this time so I think Meredith took a pic of every sign we saw for Lawrence. As we got off the interstate and closer to our destination we saw a huge Lawrence sign marking the entrance to the town. Meredith yells: “PULL OVER!!” There wasn’t a shoulder to pull over on so we pulled over onto the grass, got the tripod set up (yes, I came prepared) and took pics of ourselves in front of the Lawrence sign.

I seriously can’t describe how excited we were at this point. I know there was lots of squeeing going on and we couldn’t believe we were in the birthplace of our heroes, Sam and Dean Winchester. Getting those pictures in front of the Lawrence sign was the perfect ending to the first night of our adventure.

On to day two:  https://winchesterwoman.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/ramble-on-to-kansas-wanted-dead-or-alive-day-2-frontierland-and-stull/


About Sonya

Obsessed Supernatural fan. My pen name is Micaiah on FF.net. Love books, music, movies, photography, life in general. Con junkie. I love cats and I love pie. Mental health advocate. Always Keep Fighting.
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4 Responses to Ramble On To Kansas: It’s Time to Ramble On! Day 1-Lawrence or Bust!

  1. Spn Dahne says:

    When I took my kiddo to Colorado a few years back, I made us stop in Lawrence too. She thought I was seriously nuts when I stopped the car and took a picture of that Lawrence sign too.

  2. Awesome Sonya, will have to Google the arch but love the Lawrence sign, like Hollywood but better 🙂

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