Ramble On To Kansas: Road to Nowhere, Day 5-We’re not in Kansas anymore

This day was spent on the road home.  We finally managed to find the post office before we left Lawrence and so we could send our postcards.  I almost always end up sending my post cards on the last day of my trips….better late than never!  I’m still not sure if they’ve all reached their destinations.

Meredith made some duck friends at a gas station as we were on our way home.

And, of course we had to make one more awesome video.  Thena cracks me up at the beginning of this one.  She looks so forlorn.  http://youtu.be/ZdiwanVVeA8

In Illinois we decided to stop by Metropolis and see Superman.  He was pretty impressive.




Around seven o’clock that night we made it back to my house in Tennessee.  I had done a lot of the driving the last part of the trip so Thena and Meredith could sleep since they both wanted to get back home that night.  Our Ramble On To Kansas trip was finally over.  This blog doesn’t even begin to cover how much fun we had.  It was so awesome to be on a Supernatural related road trip with Supernatural fans who you could make random Supernatural references to and they would totally get it! 

Random things learned on this trip:

Kansas is the sunflower state but strangely enough, we saw no sunflowers.

Thena will tell you she doesn’t know where your sunglasses are even though they are sitting on her head.

Meredith has the worst sense of direction ever but can still navigate traffic like nobody’s business.

There are more adult bookstores in the state of Kansas than the whole U.S. combined….okay, maybe not but there sure are a lot of signs for them.

I am easily entertained by taking pictures of weird road signs.

There may or may not be a whole bunch of fake hawks perched on a fence close to Abilene, Kansas.

Thena is a rock when it comes to performing silly chants on camera.  Meredith and I are hopeless.

A tripod aka triprod may possibly be the best invention ever.

There really is a Supernatural reference for everything!


About Sonya

Obsessed Supernatural fan. My pen name is Micaiah on FF.net. Love books, music, movies, photography, life in general. Con junkie. I love cats and I love pie. Mental health advocate. Always Keep Fighting.
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4 Responses to Ramble On To Kansas: Road to Nowhere, Day 5-We’re not in Kansas anymore

  1. amandagaelic says:

    What a fun recap! Saw your post on the Supernatural Seriously Awesome page on Facebook and thought I’d scroll through. I live in Lawrence — have for the last 9 years. My husband is from here, a Jayhawk through-and-through. It was so funny to see you visiting places we go to each week — like Bob’s Smokehouse (they have the best fries) and Freestate (love the Ad Astra ale there…and the avocado chimichanga). Mass street is our most popular attraction, save the campus.

    My five year old and I love our Saturdays on Mass street and spend many a rainy-day at the Museum you visited (we also go to the Student Union which is attached to the same building and go bowling).

    Your story about Stull doesn’t surprise me. Long before Supernatural cultivated interest, the town and the cemetery has been plagued by everyone from the casual tourist to the extreme believer in the other side. The reason the original church is no longer standing is due to vandalism — especially on Halloween. The church across the street from the cemetery decided to take extreme measures and as a community they are NOT friendly. In the least. I’ve taken several a fangirl by the cemetery — especially after Season 5’s finale — to show them the reality to compare to Kripke’s vision and just drive past. The one time I went inside, I got run off in a similar manner. Not fun.

    The ‘Wishful Thinking’ pizza place was Rudy’s — best place to get a slice in town. I’ve actually fallen down those stairs once. Stone-cold sober, too.

    So pleased to see you had a great time in our little town — and love the pictures you captured. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    • Thanks for taking time to read and comment! We loved Lawrence and had a great time! Of course, it probably helps that we’re big dorks. 🙂 I once had a friend tell me you could give me a ball of string to play with and I’d be happy. Guess I proved him right by visting the world’s largest ball of twine! Kansas is a beautiful state and I loved all the flat, straight roads! There’s mostly curves and hills where I live!

  2. Thanks for sharing your road trip, would love to get to do that sometime but highly unlikely 😦 Love your penchant for weird road signs – and there is a village called Effingham in the county I live in, not too far from me actually! Will be checking out the videos tomorrow as too late here tonight to! The three of you obviousy had a blast …. any more SN road trips planned? LOL

    • We definitely had a blast but no future road trips are planned at this time, simply because of finances but I am sure there will be another one sometime! I’ve got the traveling fever! Come on over sometime, Sarah, and we’ll go on a road trip!

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment! Glad you enjoyed it because we certainly did!! 🙂

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