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Obsessed Supernatural fan. Love writing fanfics. My pen name is Micaiah on Love books, music, movies, photography, life in general. :) Con junkie. Just recently figured out that I love to travel to new places but I have a great fear of flying so if I can't get there by car, bus, train, or boat.....I'm probably not going. But that still leaves me with plenty of places to see! I love meeting new people. I love cats and I love pie. If I tell you anything else, there would be no mystery left!

Ramble On To Kansas: Road to Nowhere, Day 5-We’re not in Kansas anymore

This day was spent on the road home.  We finally managed to find the post office before we left Lawrence and so we could send our postcards.  I almost always end up sending my post cards on the last day of … Continue reading

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Ramble On To Kansas: Long, Long Way From Home, Day 4-World’s Largest Ball of Twine

Monday was our last full day of Kansas before we had to head back home.  We had decided to visit the world’s largest ball of twine.  The ball was in Cawker City, which was a little over three hours from … Continue reading

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Ramble on to Kansas: Carry On Wayward Son, Day 3-Natural History Museum

The next morning we changed hotels for one that was closer to downtown Lawrence.  It was right on the Kansas River but the river was pretty low.  We decided to get some lunch before heading to our destination for the … Continue reading

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Ramble On To Kansas: Wanted Dead or Alive, Day 2-Frontierland and Stull

On Saturday we went to Abilene, Kansas…..our own version of Frontierland.  Abilene was one of the first cattle towns and it is still a cute little town.  We went to the Old Abilene Town first because we wanted to get … Continue reading

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Ramble On To Kansas: It’s Time to Ramble On! Day 1-Lawrence or Bust!

Back when the date for the 2012 Nashville Supernatural convention changed from June to February lots of people were upset, including me. Because of the date change I was scrambling to come up with enough money just to go but … Continue reading

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Supernatural fanfic: Unfinished Business

Tag to 7.19, Of Grave Importance. Bobby’s POV. “Even though his words hurt me, Dean was right. This can’t end well and I know that now.” Characters: Bobby, Dean, Sam Rating: PG Words: 1056 ************************************************************************************************************** I’ve been watching Dean since … Continue reading

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Supernatural fanfic: Dance With the Devil

Tag to 7.13, Slice Girls Sam’s not mad at Dean, he’s terrified of being left alone…..although he’s never really alone.  Sam’s POV. Characters: Sam, Dean, Lucifer Rated: PG Word count: 1552 ******************************************************************* As I put Seattle behind us, I glance … Continue reading

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